Virtual office: requirements and privacy

Requirements for setting up a virtual office

In regards to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (Hvidvaskeloven), the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) requires ALL providers of virtual offices to follow a number of procedures regarding customer identification. This is part of the Danish government's strategy to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

V74 is therefore legally obliged to ask new customers for information regarding, for example, the company's purpose, ownership, and activity in other countries. We are also required to ask for a copy of a photo ID and proof of address from the company's beneficial owners.

If a company is unable to meet these requirements, it is not possible to set up a virtual office - neither with us nor with other providers of virtual offices.

It is not possible to get a virtual office for your company if the company is not already registered with a Danish business registration number (CVR number). If you want a virtual office for a company that has not yet been officially registered, you must therefore first register the company at another temporary address (this is typically done at an owner's home address).

We only offer virtual offices for Danish companies. If you want a Danish address for a foreign company, you must in most cases seek assistance from a lawyer.


In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation and the Danish Data Protection Act, all information gathered about the owners and the company will be held securely and will only be used for the purpose of meeting our legal requirements.

Verification of identity 

All beneficial owners of the company are required to submit documents for personal identification. It is also a legal requirement that the beneficial owners appear (albeit briefly) in person at V74's office so that their identity can be verified. In certain cases, where an owner, for example, lives far from Copenhagen, an online meeting can be arranged.

For Danish residents the following two types of IDs are required:  

  • Sygesikringskort 
  • Photo ID (EU/EEA driver’s license or passport) 

For non-Danish residents a photo ID and proof of business address is required:  

Accepted forms of photo ID for non-Danish residents 

  • Passport (minimum 6 months until expiry) 
  • EU/EEA driver’s license (with photo card) 
  • Residence permit type F or D  
  • National identity card that is a valid travel identity document for entry into and exit from Denmark  

Accepted proof of address for non-Danish residents

  • a utility bill for electricity, water, heating, or telephone services 
  • an annual tax assessment or insurance policy for the property you occupy abroad 
  • commercial rental invoice 
  • business bank account statements (paper or a full online statement download will be accepted, no screenshots) 

Proof of Address document must be dated within the last 3 months; all 4 corners of the document must be visible; and the document must show the full name and current address of the business. 

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